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Deo 7 Cream

Ultimate underarm freshness

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Feel confident and comfortable with this maximum strength deodorant cream. Deo 7 is a healthy, natural and gentle alternative to normal deodorants that use aluminium, which can block pores, irritate skin and cause various health problems. This powerful product annihilates the causes of unpleasant body odour to keep you fresh for up to seven days. It’s a natural treatment that harnesses the highly effective, antibacterial and soothing properties of Australian tea tree and allows normal perspiration without blocking the pores.

  • Seven-day protection against bad odour, even after showering
  • Aluminium-free, so it doesn’t block your skin’s pores
  • A gentle formula that doesn’t stain clothes or leave white marks
How to use:
  • Apply the cream on clean and dry skin every week or when needed
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