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Hydramax Cleansing Tonic

A beauty ritual

Start your perfect skincare regime with this gentle makeup remover. This high-performing tonic has a soothing pH-balanced formula that wipes away all traces of eyeliner, mascara and other water resistant makeup while nourishing the skin.

  • Soothing and soap-free makeup remover
How to use:
  • Apply on a cotton pad and gently wipe across the eyes then face until makeup dissolves. Rinse with cool water
  • Follow with MAXON Hydramax Foaming Gel or MAXON Hydramax Cleanser

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Hydramax Lotion

Blissfully comfortable in your own skin

Incorporate this hydrating body lotion into your daily beauty routine, and luxuriate in softer, healthier looking skin. This no-nonsense, high performing lotion is enriched with a blend of emollients and moisturisers that are quickly and deeply absorbed by your skin.

  • Contains jojoba oil and glycerin
  • Niacinamide increases production of keratin, involucrin and filagrin
  • Panthenol, Vitamin B5 and chamomile extract soothes irritated skin
How to use:
  • Gently massage onto arms, legs and other parts of the body

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Hydramax Ultra 10 1

Hydramax Ultra10

Soft to the touch

Polish and condition your body from head to toe with this gentle, creamy exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and rough patches. Experience a body makeover with this light, absorbent cream, which leaves your skin supple, silky smooth and glowing.

  • Immediate comfort and hydration for cracked and dry skin
  • Fortifies skin for long-lasting comfort
  • Suitable for dry hands and cracked feet
How to use:
  • Apply regularly to the affected areas twice a day. Rub into the skin until completely absorbed.

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Hydramax Lip Balm

A saviour for lips

Repair, soothe and protect your lips with this nourishing balm, enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and chamomile extract. With its creamy texture, this long-lasting replenishing balm immediately relieves and softens chapped, cracked and dry lips, and keeps your lips protected from extreme weather conditions.

  • Immediate comfort and hydration for lips
  • Restores the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Water-free formula
How to use:
  • Apply balm liberally to lips as often as needed

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Hydramax Cream

Radiant and revitalized

This rich daily moisturizer hydrates and deeply nourishes dry skin to leave you looking fresh and radiant. Enriched with a powerful blend of emollients and moisturising ingredients, this luxurious cream replenishes thirsty, dehydrated and weather-beaten complexions. It cocoons irritated, dry skin and stops the onslaught of dryness and unwanted wrinkles, leaving it remarkably soft to the touch.

  • After frequent use, the skin becomes softer, fresher and radiant
  • Ideal for dry skin and seasonal dryness
How to use:
  • Apply evenly on skin every morning and evening after cleansing with MAXON Hydramax Foaming Gel or MAXON Hydramax Cleanser

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Hydramax Foaming Gel

Gentle on the skin

Indulge in the rich and luxurious foam of this soap-free gel. Hydramax Foaming Gel is a gentle but deeply penetrating cleanser that removes daily grime without drying the skin or stripping it off essential oils. Infused with oats and vitamins B5 and B6, this skin-boosting cleanser refreshes and restores your skin’s normal balance.

  • Cleanses without dryness
  • Designed for the whole body
How to use:
  • Lather all over body, rinse clean, and follow with MAXON Hydramax Cream for best results

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Hydramax Cleanser

Cleanses, balances and refreshes

Specially designed for dry, sensitive skin, this soap-free cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities, without stripping away essential oils. Bid adieu to dry skin as this creamy cleanser leaves you hydrated from top to toe. The Hydramax Cleanser is free of lanolin, paraben and any fragrances.

  • Cleanses without dryness
  • Designed for the whole body
How to use:
  • Apply on skin, gently rub and rinse

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Hydramax Cleansing Bar

Harmony for dry skin

Hydramax harnesses nature’s goodness to wash away impurities, makeup and grime, leaving you with skin that’s fresh, brilliantly clean and moisturized. A skincare saviour for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, this gentle, soap-free bar is enriched with chamomile extract to ensure it is non-drying and non-irritating.

  • For dry, normal and sensitive skin
  • Free from colourants and fragrances
  • Contains glycerin and chamomile extract, coconut and almond oils
How to use:
  • Work the bar into a rich lather then massage gently onto wet skin

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